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Do you want to share with the world your love for passion and trust? Want to share your story to how you found that special someone yourself, or offer advice to those who are still on the hunt? Love is something that we should cherish with one another, and helping others find that special someone in their life can absolutely mean the world to them.

Blogging daily is not as easy as you may think – just ask anyone who’s done it on a regular basis. However, for those who are able to, they are the ones who are passionate about what they do. These are the writers that we are interested in working with at exists to help those who are looking for love and trust, and we wouldn’t be here if there weren’t another soul out there who’s in need of helping.

Interested in becoming a writer? If so, be sure that you have the time, energy and willpower to do so, because here at, we’re all about quality content for quality viewers. Please note: All positions are on a voluntry basis. However, dedicated individuals will eventually have the opportunity of joining our paid staff team in the near future.

Please note that you will be required to submit a 350-word article as part of your submission, so that our team can readily assess your English language precision. You can write it on any topic related on love & relationships for our target audience as listed in our About page. All articles will be processed through Copyscape to ensure that there is no plagiarism involved.

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