What Should You Wear On Your First Date?

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You look dashing on your picture on that internet dating site. What’s more, you seem to have a good heart – you are easy to talk to, you are funny, you seem a nice fellow or girl to be with. On your first date night, your partner awaits you with high spirits. The night is beautiful, the night is all set…

But then, you come in with your scruffy trainers.

Whether you like it or not, clothing has a big impact on the impression you make on people. Hence, to make a big impression on your first date, give attention to what you’re going to wear. So, if you’re dating over 40 or 50 and are clueless on the matter at hand, these pieces of advice should help you.

For the Ladies

At the end of the day, being appropriately dressed is of paramount importance. Choose sleek dresses in a color that is more of a formal tone (black or blue) for dinner dates. For casual dayouts, you can go for the museum look (coat, shirt, jeans) or wear some nice summer dress. Wearing heels is up to your preference. If you’re not up to some activities that will leave your feet aching, then heels would definitely be a sexy choice. Aside from non-wrinkled and nicely fitting clothes, wear shoes that will push you up the pedestal.

For the Men

If you and your date are going for some casual dayout, a nice sweater worn over a shirt will look great. For low-key dinners or lunch, you can wear a casual blazer or jacket over a pressed shirt. Investing in good jackets will be extra meaningful when you wear them to your date. Even in a formal dinner, you can wear a nice jacket over some other underclothes. This makes you look like you put effort in what you wore. Last, but not the least, wear shoes that are clean and polished.

No one requires you to be a fashion guru for you to look good. After all, clothes that are appropriate for the occasion, in good condition, and able to complement your body should do the trick. While your partner may not notice the brand of your clothes, he/she will definitely notice how you brand yourself on your first date.

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