Sex on the First Date? Should You Ever?

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We’ve seen it happen in so many movies – a guy and a girl go out together, the guy goes to the girl’s apartment, she invites him in, and the next thing we know is some night-long lovemaking. However, we all know that it’s just their first date together. While the ethics of the matter ultimately depends on one’s convictions and beliefs, it is still a burning question: should you have sex on your first date?

By all means, we all have the choice whether to do “it” on our first date or not. If you are dating over 40 or seeking how to meet women or to find a boy even in such a ripe age, the dilemma is still there. It can be tricky; so, here are some questions to ponder on that will hopefully help you decide:

Will your needs be fully satisfied if you do it on your first date?

By giving in to sex, we basically think that there is a need inside of us that will be fulfilled. Are you in need of someone to “make love” with and not just exchange bodily fluids with? Are you in need of someone just to “meet the quota” or do you want your sex to be meaningful? Do you think sex with person who you’ve had a date for the first time earlier will not just leave you disappointed?

Will knowing sexual compatibility ensure true love?

Yes, trying out sex can help you know if you and your date are sexually compatible. If you are, is sexual compatibility a basis for a good relationship?

Will sex on the first date spice things up in your relationship?

Will doing it cause you to be more passionate towards your partner? Or will it just dissolve the air of mystery and interest in you two?

How can this sex on the first date affect my future?

Being in an advanced age, you should know better when it comes to thinking long-term. If you were to do it with your first time date, will it cause you sexual patterns that are hard to change? Will you find it hard to be intimate with other men or women after that? Are you training yourself for habits that will do you no good?

Young or old, we have the freedom to decide on such things. On the matter of having sex on the first date, you yourself know best. Make your choice and make sure that it’s a wise one.

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