Lost Your Mojo? Get Your Sexy Back

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Midlife may not be the pinnacle of your beauty and confidence. With all the years behind you, you might feel like you’ve lost that spark of light in your eyes, your clothes don’t fit you anymore, more wrinkles are defining your face. However, in any age, you should never let anybody tell you that you can NEVER be sexy, most importantly your own self. There are so many ways on how to get your sexy back even if you’re not as young as Taylor Swift.

If you’re into seniors dating and want to revive your powerful charm to find true love, here’s some things that can help you:


Anyone who is reckless with their own bodies is not likely to get their sexy on, be it young or old. Leave your excuses behind, head to the nearest gym, and get yourself shaped up and toned! Aside from benefiting your health, working out can increase your inner confidence and do wonders to your physical form.

Stop comparing yourself

Beyonce, in that Sports Illustrated cover, sure is hot. Indeed, Brad Pitt has such a wonderful physique in Troy. Certainly, you can appreciate them and make them your inspiration, but don’t ever compare yourself with others. Spring up within you a sense of contentment and pride with the way you are. Envying others will only damage your confidence.

Buy new underwear

Been a long time since you last bought lingerie? Do your boxers scream for replacement? Indulge yourself, and feel sexy from your undergarment outwards! Feeling some lace against your skin, wearing silk – these little things can make you feel as sexual as you are when you were in you 20’s.

Get a new hairstyle

Your hairstyle says a lot about you. If you haven’t changed your do in decades, you must be lacking the motivation to do some fun changes in your life. Why don’t you try something funky? Something new? Move on and mark a new sexy start with a new do!

One of the most valuable dating advice that you can get is your need to boost your confidence. Never lose hope because you can always work the best with what you’ve got. Get out of the rut and start getting your sexy back today.

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