He’ll Never Want Anyone Else Ever Again with These Moves

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Ever felt your date bouncing his eyes off you to another girl? Do you feel threatened when you’re talking and he starts texting on his phone? Do you want to make sure that you’re the only woman on his mind? Well, we all have fears and insecurities – but not until we make ways to secure our positions in our guy’s hearts and move with a confidence that is sexier than ever. Here are some things you can do so that your man will never want anyone else ever again:

Utter His Name

Don’t just say his name whenever you’re mad at him. In the most random conversations, in sexy ways, make his name slip slowly from your mouth. Yes, men love that. Eve Marx, author of Read My Hips, says “Just hearing it is an aphrodisiac.” It tells your man that he’s the only guy on your mind.

The Less is More Move

We get attracted by talking, but we fall in love by talking. When you talk with your man, don’t spill all the beans. Leave out some details in your story, keep an air of mystery. The more you make him interested in you, the more you leave him yearning for more time together with you.

Make the Right Compliments

Not only girls crave from some ego stroking. Your guys can fall harder for you if you give him the right compliments at the right time. Like you, he also wants to feel desired. Secure him that you desire him by praising little things about him.

Be playful

You’re dating over 40 or dating after a divorce, but you know, you can still be playful. Not in a childish manner, but be playful in such a way that will always keep your partner surprised. Show him that you relationship will never be boring by playing and teasing him in your own little ways.

Refresh his sensual memories

Sometimes, your relationship gets too focused on the present that you forget wonderful moments from the past. Wear that perfume you wore on your first date. Recall the scent of the place where he fell in love with you. With these memories, you refresh him with the rush of that newly found love and keep him crazy about you.

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