It’s Okay to Express Your Feelings

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Your date takes you to a movie house, but you don’t feel like spending time with him in a dark room where you can hardly talk. Or maybe, your woman always leaves you worried when she doesn’t send a message after going somewhere. In many things, even in the littlest ones, we can have relationship problems because of failure to express your feelings.  Be it dislike, jealousy, worry, fear, affection, or joy, it is perfectly alright if you show your partner what you really feel.

Expressing your feelings right now will avoid future problems

We always think that when we feel bad about something, it’s best to keep it to ourselves. However, with that, you’re doing yourself more bad than good. If you bottle those negative feelings inside your chest, you will find it difficult to face more issues coming up. And when you finally confront your partner about what makes you feel bad, most likely he/she will ask you why you haven’t told him in the first place. You see, more problems will be solved if you express yourself clearly from the very start.

Some men like their women assertive

If you’re dating after 40 and you’re a woman, you don’t have to fear knowing what you like and saying that you like it. Self-expression is a sign of confidence. Many mature men can handle women of confidence. What’s more, many men are actually attracted by those who have high self-esteem and are expressive of their feelings.

By expressing your feelings, you can avoid regret

Ultimately, unexpressed feelings leave you tormented. What if you told him that you like the way he cares for you? What if you told your partner of the little things that he does that make you jealous? What if you tell him or her that he should stop doing that one thing? What if you had the confidence to confess your love to your woman? You see that sometimes, what hurts is not the things that were said, but those that were left unsaid. Free yourself of your feelings. It’s better than feel regretful at the end of the day.

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