Delicious Ways to Spice Up Your Date With Food

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On our most awaited dates, we focus too much on what to wear, what car to bring, what hairdo to sport, where to go, or what restaurant to go to. However, when the waiter hands you the menu, you realize one thing: you never even thought of what to eat! Food is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Combine good food with the company of the one you love, and you’ll surely think that there’s no happier place on earth.

So, you’re dating after 40 or dating after divorce. How can you spice up your date with what you eat? Here are some foods that will help your date night become unforgettable:


Lo and behold, the very appearance of the world’s number one aphrodisiac is never shy of its intent. With oysters, you’ll definitely turn things up for your date night. Scientists found that oysters have compounds that increase people’s estrogen and testosterone levels.


Can it get more literal? Aside from making your meal extra hotter, people say that chili peppers raise joy-inducing endorphins in people’s systems – that is not to mention the way chili reddens your lips and makes them look more kissable for the night.


Steak have the reputation of being amazing date food – especially if you do not leave chunks of meat stuck in your teeth. If you know how to cut your steak, you will create the impression that you are a person who can control not only a meal, but many things other than that.


If you want a meal that is easy to manage and will not leave you smelly, then chicken will do the trick for you. Leave your messy spaghetti and orange-tinted buffalo wings behind. If you want to look sexy before your date, eat something that will leave you comfortable and confident.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate not only has a rich taste – it is packed with elements that stimulate the senses and make the art of seduction easier. You’ll never know that these little things can spice up your date in a lot of ways. Want a tip? The darker, the better.

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