Casual Dating After Divorce, Tell Me More. Where Do I Sign Up?

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casual dating

So you’ve officially gotten over your ex and now you’re ready to get back into the dating / relationship game. Congratulations! Not ready to start something serious though? Not to worry, I know exactly how you feel. The idea of “getting back into the swing of things” can seem challenging at first, but it’s not as hard as you think. Maybe casual dating is what you need, especially if you were married for years before this.

You may feel something like this: You have no idea what the latest trends are, you have no concept of what a real date is supposed to be like, you don’t know if you still got “it”. Honestly, I know how you feel, and the truth is those are just anxieties and fears of the unknown. Take the first step forward, and you’ll get over it fast; I guarantee you!

It’s simple, get social!

If you were married for a while, your concept of “night life” is probably a bit… “dated”. Don’t know where to start meeting people? Start by getting in touch with your friends. Tell them you’re interested in getting back into the game, and you want to meet new people. Go to parties and social events! This will help take the pressure off, and a great way to meet potential first dates while being surrounded by supportive friends.

Group dates? Sounds great!

Hesitant to go one-on-one? Why not two-on-two, or more? Take the pressure off by going out on a date in a small group. Find a couple of friends who are inviting, fun-loving and open-minded so you can be sure that he’ll feel comfortable with your friends. This will allow you to feel more comfortable, and allow you to get to know someone new as well!

No more waiting, try online dating!

Maybe you find it hard to break it to your friends, so why not try online dating? Online dating is now the new form of dating now. Did you know that 1 in 5 relationships start online nowadays? Sign up for a FREE account today on or and view singles living in your area today.

Remember, you’ll never succeed without trying, so start trying today! You can do it, I’m behind you 100%!

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