Does Being Assertive Turn Men Off?

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Modern women know what they want – they are honest and upfront when it comes to their own feelings and are always bold to speak up. In other words, they are assertive. Do you find yourself having the same qualities? Then mostly likely, you love taking charge of things. You tell your man where you like it and how you want it. You have no inhibitions when it comes to having things your way.

The question, though, is whether assertive women leave men attractive or appalled. If you’re into seniors dating and yearning to find true love as well as relationship advice, you might still want to determine if your assertive character is a good thing or not. Well, the answer is: it varies for every guy.

Some men like their women assertive. Being the hunter all the time can be tiring. For them, it is refreshing to meet single women who break the damsel-in-distress mold by being the ones who initiate, ask, and direct Adam’s children. These men are basically turned on by women’s sexual assertiveness. It shows their confidence, smartness, and independence – major items on some men’s checklist of an attractive woman.

However, some guys are turned off by women who want things their way. For one, they might be intimidated with the woman’s level of thinking, finding that it doesn’t suit theirs. Most importantly, some men dislike being “managed” in a relationship. Boys who will always be boys like their women petite, submissive, and passive in some ways, rather than assertive.

At the end of the day, the question is how much assertive is too assertive? Whatever your man’s preference is, one thing’s for sure: nobody wants a partner pouncing and hounding the other. Confidence will always be a good thing as long as you know how to strike the golden balance. And lest we forget, honesty is still the best policy. Whether you are an assertive or a soft-spoken woman, you have the right to be honest with what you feel. Hence, in the dating world, just be who you are, and you’re up to find that someone who will love and appreciate you with the personality that you’ve got.

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