5 Terrible Habits That Will Tank Your First Dates

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It’s already set – that perfect man or woman on that dating service site is going on a date with you. First dates are extremely tricky – you cannot know exactly how compatible the two of you will be, you have not the faintest idea of how your night will turn out. Although you can never be sure of what’s going to happen, you’re sure of what you don’t want to happen, and that is for your date to end up a disaster. To avoid tragic first dates, here are some habits that you wouldn’t want to bring to you and your date’s table:

The Me-Centeredness

Yes, you are accomplished, you have a tearjerker life story, and you can talk for hours as wittily as Woody Allen. But please don’t. It’s a date, not a monologue. When you monopolize the conversation, your might leave your date peeling off nail polish. Always try to drive the conversation where the two of you can share details about yourselves and know each other better, not just you taking center stage.


Other people’s lives are interesting, sure. However, if you bring it to the date table, then you’ll be a rather interesting subject of ridicule. If you’re a woman and you talk about nothing but gossip to your date, you’d strike the impression that the reason you talk about others’ businesses Is because your life is bland in itself.

Getting Drunk

It is tempting, but believe me, you’d want to be sober if you’re on the date where you’re set to finally find true love.


3-5 minutes is still somewhat a fashionable duration of being late. However, if you’ve kept your date waiting for half an hour, then you can expect a Doomsday kind of mood to take over your most awaited night.

Pretending to be someone you’re not

Because of our desire to brag and impress others, we end up saying another person’s lines, doing another person’s moves, owning another man’s success.  By doing that, you are bringing disaster to your date. Though you’re dating over 40 or dating after a divorce, you can be confident in the fact that your wonderful self alone is enough for your date to be turned on. Do not pretend; just let yourself be, and your partner will like you as you are.

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