5 Simple Steps to Feel More Confident

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how to be more confident

One of the challenges of dating over 50 or dating over 40 is not actually looking for a partner, but lacking confidence. Maybe you’ve been worn out too much or been rejected too many times, but sometimes, a little confidence is all it takes for you to find that relationship. Here are some simple ways on how to be confident:

Find Something to Admire in Yourself

List the things that keep you from being confident. Is it your looks? Your past? Your job? Remember, everyone has their own flaws – even people who seem perfect as well. What differentiates you is how you respond to the situation. Do not focus on what you lack, but on what you have. You’ll be surprised to know that there are actually more things to admire in you than you think. The more you own them, the more you gain that aura of confidence.

Develop a Good Posture

Slumped shoulders and long faces are never signs of confidence. The good news is: you can start developing a good posture now! The way you carry yourself conveys a lot before you even speak a word. Thus, practice keeping your shoulders up and your head high. With this, you will naturally feel more confident about yourself.

Compliment Other People

It hurts to say this, but the more we bash others, the more we show how insecure we are. Try seeing the good in people and form a habit of praising others. You’ll see that the more you do this, the more you let go of the things that make you insecure. Hence, you develop confidence in yourself.

Express Yourself

You’re always thinking of being rejected, but you know what, people can be as accepting as they can be. Do not be afraid to speak up. Practicing this builds your rapport with other people and causes you to be confident with your own thoughts.

Improve the Way You Look

To have confidence, you must look the part. This changes a lot of things. Why don’t you try working out? Buying new clothes? Investing in a nice appearance as whole? Yes, there are more important things than outward looks. However, your look-related fears affect how you carry yourself. Overcome your fears and start building a new and improved, and most of all, a more confident version of you now.

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One thought on “5 Simple Steps to Feel More Confident

  1. Junie Montoya

    Thank you for writing this article! As a recently divorced mother, I was in a very dark place for a while, but this article has really helped me feel better about myself and fasten this recovery process.


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