5 Simple Secrets to Charm the Pants Off Your Date

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Wisdom comes with age, even in the world of dating. However, does it seem like whenever you’re on a date, you just can’t get a hold of your partner? Does he seem uninterested? Do you find yourself non-persuading? Well, worry not. Even if you’re dating over 40 or dating over 50, you can still charm the pants off your date! The idiom simply means being able to make your date do anything for you, even to give his/her own pants. And yes, it is possible. How?

Use your eyes

The eye is a window to the soul, so we all heard. However, you can use your eyes not to just mirror your emotions, but to win the heart of your date. Learn how to gaze intently to your partner’s eyes. Women are not turned on by guys who always look away. Gaze passionately and it will bring your date a conundrum of emotions. This confusion is a chance to seduce your date.

Show your attention

Even before the date, you can set the atmosphere between the two of you. Send a simple text message, call to confirm your plans. Remember to be friendly in doing these, not creepy. On the date itself, compliment your date in subtle ways – how he looks, how he smells, etc. Show your date that you care about what he’s saying or doing – and you will definitely turn him/her on.

Be romantic

Of course, a little romance will always do the trick. You do not have to rely on stimulants to be romantic. Just find your own creative way of spicing things up, express your thoughtfulness, and be spontaneous.

Look charming

Sometimes, it’s not just about your face. Your overall aura is already saying something to the other person. Hence, if you want to be a persuading person, look your part. Dress sharply, smell good, be clean. Flaunting your curves and giving your best smile should do it.

Be yourself

What can make your date succumb to your schemes is not pretending or trying hard to be another person – but just being confident with your wonderful personality. You do not have to be another person. You do not have to follow scripts. Be who you are and you can make your partner fall for you with just that.

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