5 Little Things to Instantly Catch His Eyes and Attention

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How to instantly catch his attention

You are a complete package – you have the beauty, the brains, the stellar career, and even the money that others can only wish to have. However, the guy who’s most special to you doesn’t seem to notice you at all.  You begin asking yourself, what should I change to get his attention? Your reverie transports you to cosmetic surgery, having a new car, doing charity work. However, by being too consumed on these big things, you forget the small. Yes, it’s possible – even with the littlest things you can capture his eyes. How exactly?

Be Your Natural Feminine Self

You might hate your body parts as if they are the worst; but you know what, some guys don’t even notice half of what you’re worrying about. What turns their head about a woman is nothing more than her femininity! It’s your delicateness, that light air, those curves that you hate. If you want his eyes on you, fret about nothing else, and just act like the woman that you are.

Be Challenging

You won’t want to turn him off by being clingy. Subtly tell him that he needs to be a man to turn you on! With little cues and hints, show your guy that to get you, he must be up for the challenge. And most likely, he will take that.

Befriend Him

Be a nice companion. Show your care about his most trivial concerns. You may be working too hard to look like a bombshell in his eyes when all he wants, really, is a friend.

Be Funny

Oh, the good ol’ wit. What’s more captivating than a good sense of humor? Be silly. Say the most unthought-of things. Make him laugh! If he doesn’t come taking your number afterwards, I don’t know what can.

Be Confident

If you want to win the war, you should win the little battles. You may be making yourself so obscure because you act like you really deserve to be invisible. Turn that chin up, and walk as if you’re Angelina Jolie. Show your guy that you are a complete woman. Be oozing with confidence, and I bet he’ll be running behind you soon, asking when he can take you out.

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